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I DID IT! 425 Business 30 Under 30

My company recently nominated me for 425 Business's 30 Under 30 award. I'm so humbled to join the ranks of these amazing young people in my area. Check out the article below!

"This cohort of young innovators is our most generationally diverse class yet, with more than 20 percent of honorees belonging to Gen Z, the group of individuals born between the mid 1990s and the late aughts. The oldest of the group will celebrate his 30th birthday just four days after this publication hits newsstands. The youngest member, born in 2008, already is making waves in her industry at just 11 years old. As in previous years, the esteemed professionals, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists you will meet actively eschew any negative generational archetypes. But don’t take our word for it: take a gander for yourself."

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